benifit-chart-mapSuperior GPS/GNSS Technology

eRide’s High Sensitivity GPS/GNSS solutions put superior performance location and tracking technology into a wide variety of devices including Automotive, Networking, Handheld, Wireless, Consumer Electronics and related applications. And we deliver extremely accurate results! Today eRide is already exploring other sensor-based solutions for location technology such as dead reckoning, various inertial sensors and wi-fi. Our server aiding product, eRide’s Symphony Assisted GNSS Server, increases speed and accuracy in location and tracking, bringing stellar performance to the most difficult of conditions.

Development Programs

eRide development programs focus on location and tracking based software. We have transferred our GNSS chip/hardware development and production to our parent company, FURUNO Electric Company, a publicly traded company in Japan. Our architecture enables us to work with various hardware configurations and solutions, independent of the chip/hardware platform.

Your Partner for Location and Navigation Technologies

The eRide solution allows the wireless service operators, device manufacturers and product designers the means to quickly and effectively roll out location based and tracking services that effectively compete in the market place. In our business model we prefer to partner with our customers and provide expert assistance in their design and solution implementation. Our advanced positioning technology provides users with accurate and reliable positioning information any time of day, anywhere in the world and under the most challenging conditions such as inside buildings and in urban canyons.

eRide has been improving location technology since 1999 and we are continuing to make new breakthroughs today!